7 steps to align your life

What in your life is no longer in alignment with who you truly are? ⠀

As we are constantly evolving and growing on so many levels, the famous quote „the only constant in life is change“ couldn’t be more accurate. When you resist change, your resist life and end up feeling stuck.

Many of us have learned to adapt to be expectations of the world around us. But there comes a time when it’s harder to hold on to the masks we’ve put on than it is to make the necessary changes in our lives. When we can embrace who we truly are, we can align our life accordingly and start to thrive.

Maybe you have this deep knowing that it’s time to let go of the version of yourself that you have outgrown or the things you once defined yourself by (the job, the relationship, the masks you wore, the friendships, the money, the goals you once set). In case you need to hear it today: It’s OK to outgrow relationships and circumstances!

I know how scary this can feel. But deep down we all have this inner knowing that can help us to navigate these phases in our lives. Think of the caterpillar that grows inside of its cocoon until it’s time to break through it. This process requires strength, it’s not always easy, but it is necessary and worth it if you want to live truthfully and freely.

To begin, it is helpful to journal on the following questions.


What in your life is no longer in alignment with who you truly are? What needs to change?


What is it that you truly desire? How do you want to FEEL (in each area of your life)?


What or who is holding you back?
Why are you procrastinating on the things you know would move the needle?
What are you afraid of when you let go of that which you’ve outgrown?

Answering these will hopefully create more clarity and give you the motivation to take action. 

How you take action is up to you. 

What has worked for my clients and me is the following: 


Create clarity on your true desires & values in life.


Develop your intuition as it’s the best compass & inner guidance you could ask for.


Release stuck emotions to cultivate inner peace


Understand the power of your subconscious mind & uncover the limiting beliefs that keep you small & stuck.


Do the INNER WORK and don’t avoid the discomfort!

With clients, I like to work on the subconscious AND spiritual level to release the root cause of an issue and install & embody new, empowering beliefs.

I do this through neurolinguistic programming (NLP), hypnosis, intuition training, multidimensional coaching, breathwork and the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), but there is so many great modalities out there – see what resonates most with you!


Energetic Alignment to your True Self: think healthy boundaries, energy work & energy management, emotional & nervous system regulation.


A toolbox for challenging situations and triggers in the future: Self coaching & regulation tools, flexible personal routines & practices to raise your frequency and get out of lows faster.

Of course you have to do this yourself, but not BY yourself.

If you are ready to free yourself of inner & outer limitations and would like to be supported on this journey, check out my signature 1:1 coaching program ALIGN YOUR LIFE that was created to help you go from feeling stuck & overwhelmed to feeling confident, purposeful & alive.


More presence in 30 seconds

More presence in 30 seconds

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