How to leave your comfort zone & change your life

Let’s be real: At this point, you can get all the information on personal growth & self realization on the internet – for free. So why do most people still don’t see change where they want? ⠀

So many people wake up everyday feeling stuck in the monotony of their day-to-day life. They go after a definition of success that isn’t necessary their own, living a life of little passion on someone else’s terms.

The truth is: Most people rather stay small than leaving their comfort zone and taking risks. This is because they are afraid of the unknown, so they settle for the familiar which makes them feel „in control“. Every time a fear or insecurity is triggered, they make sure to quickly get back into what feels safe. This space is called your comfort zone.

Leaving your comfort zone can be scary, but let me tell you: it’s where all the magic happens. It’s where you experience deep fulfillment, joy, passion, purpose and wonder.

BUT: If you’re pushing too far too quickly, you’re overwhelming your nervous system. This can lead to anxious, depressive, fearful feelings and thoughts.

This is where a coach come in handy. A qualified coach can help you navigate the different zones above.

Leaving your comfort zone and moving into the growth zone is a process that requires you to be able to hold yourself in the discomfort of the unknown.

Fear Zone

We’re facing a lack of self confidence in the „fear zone“ and are still being highly influenced by other people’s opinions. It’s also where a lot of people find excuses to get back into their „comfort zone“.

Learning Zone

When we move into the „learning zone“, we’re dealing with challenges, learn new skills and deal with fallbacks.

Growth Zone

Eventually, we get to the growth zone, where we finally experience a sense of purpose, relief and even begin to set new goals.

So how do you change in a sustainable way that doesn’t overwhelm you or your nervous system? ⠀

I believe that in order to find the sweet spot of how far you should stretch yourself, you NEED to be connected to your intuition. If you follow only what other people are saying, changes are high you’ll loose yourself on the way of reaching your goals.

As a mindset & intuition I coach can help you develop a success mindset while strengthening the connection to your inner voice.

〰️ Your intuition will guide you to your highest purpose. It will tell you when to take aligned, inspired action towards your goals & dreams.
〰️ You’ll learn how to regulate your emotions and I will teach you simple exercises on how to calm your nervous system.
〰️ You’ll reprogram your subconscious mind so that it’s in alignment to your truest, most confident self.
〰️ You’ll gain trust in yourself and your decisions.
〰️ And the best part: You will remember your own power and trust your inner guidance system.

All of this is covered in new my signature coaching program ALIGN YOUR LIFE. To see if this 1:1 Intensive Coaching is right for you, schedule a non-strings attached 30 minute clarity call with me.


More presence in 30 seconds

More presence in 30 seconds

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