How I found my purpose

… and continue to explore my potential!

First of all, I don’t know if working as a coach is my purpose. I don’t believe we have just one purpose and I have no idea what I’ll be doing in 20 years. But I strongly believe we can’t miss our purpose if we follow our inner voice (or inner knowing, soul, heart, whatever resonates most with you!). If we do whatever we do with joy, if we are getting clear on our most desired feelings, our core values and intentions, if we stay open & curious and allow ourselves to make mistakes – this (to me) is what it means to live your purpose.

So to answer the question: I never knew what I wanted to do career wise back in school, I didn’t think I was really good at anything, basically only average in most areas. It was rather frustrating since I had a strong feeling that I indeed have a purpose down here, I just couldn’t quite grasp what it was. I knew I was „good with people“, I liked traveling and getting to people and their culture, was passionate about sustainability and the environment, so I studied sustainable tourism. It was fine and I enjoyed the experience of being at university, but I quickly felt that I didn’t see myself working in a 9-5 job for very long.

Since experiencing the gifts of coaching as a teenager through my later mentor, I was curious about all things consciousness & personal growth and would read all about it. It became a hobby and I eventually did a coaching training, secretly knowing I’d like to work as a coach, but I was so insecure and had sooo much self doubt around ever being good enough for it. I always intuitively tried to make people feel better about themselves & be happier in their lives. I loved seeing mindset shifts in them and how their eyes would sparkle again after letting go of yet another layer of false identity, negative emotion or limiting belief. I experienced myself how much lighter & more connected you feel afterwards, how much more you can do and achieve in your life when you let go of subconscious blocks and inner limitations.

So I kept on learning and practicing while working in a full time job that I truly enjoyed at the tim. Until I didn’t. It became repetitive, the atmosphere changed due to fluctuation in the team and I just felt the time was ripe to move forward with my (almost secret) dream to make coaching my living. But let me tell you, it took many moments of doubt, fear and insecurity for me to make the move but when I put my mind to something, I tend to follow through. 

And I continue to explore my purpose & potential – I believe it’s a never ending process of leaving your comfort zone, being at service and following your desires and whatever brings you pure joy.

Something I would tell myself in retrospective: Allow yourself to try out new things. Giving your best is enough, you don’t need to do anything perfectly. Get inspired by others, but don’t compare yourself and your journey to anyone else’s. Adapt while you go. Change what’s not working, but keep on trying. Follow your curiosity and joy (this is key!). Ask for help. Surround yourself with „cheerleaders“, people who believe in you and support your dreams.

And: You don’t have to know how the end result should look like exactly, your purpose / career / desired lifestyle can change!! It’s important to stay aligned to how you want to FEEL. Stop being so hard on yourself. Be gentle to your precious soul. And most importantly: Enjoy the ride!

Do you feel like you’re not yet living up to your full potential or can’t seem to find your purpose? I am convinced that deep down we all know exactly why we’re here, what our deepest desires are and what excites us. All of this is deeply connected to your purpose.

If you’re overly harsh on yourself about not yet having found “your thing” and frustrated that you’re “wasting” your potential , it’s most likely that limiting beliefs, fears, inner limitations and unresolved trauma are blocking you from gaining clarity and confidently moving forward.

If you’re ready to tackle these limitations and taking aligned action to create a life you’re excited about, you can apply below to work with me.


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