Stop rushing through life (& why integration is key in your personal growth)

Does this sound familiar: You learn something new or experience success only to jump onto the next interesting thing? Do you tend to skip the integration because you’re all too excited about something new? ⠀

“What’s next” seems to be a question a lot of people – including myself – ask themselves whenever they have finished a project or degree/training, learned something new, got promoted in their job, or got married.

While it’s great to focus on big goals and dreams, growth and personal development, what I’ve noticed is that we often don’t really take time to digest what we’ve learned or take time to integrate our learnings and Aha-moments.

Before truly embodying them, we’re onto the next thing that catches our attention.
For me this could be trainings, as I looove learning new things and tools about everything consciousness, healing and personal growth.

So when I finished and passed my two (!) coaching trainings / certifications last week, I caught myself thinking „Alright, nice, what’s next?“.

This made me think of the sign Eckart Tolle puts in his book „The power of now“ after certain paragraphs to remind the reader to pause for a moment and let the previous thought/information/wisdom sink in. So that we’re not just processing new information on a MENTAL or SURFACE level, but actually on a DEEP and EXPERIENCED one.

Amidst all this pulling towards change and growth, let’s take some time to pause, reflect and integrate. To embody our new qualities. To be truly grateful for where we are and what we have before moving forward again.

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