How to get out of mental exhaustion

From feeling overwhelmed & exhausted to mentally balanced

I don’t know about you, but I feel like many people (including myself) have been suffering from mental exhaustion recently.

Lockdown blues, uncertainty, existential fears, boredom, stress & internal pressure are only a few possible feelings in the mix.

Don’t underestimate what we’re going through as a collective energetically. This can be very draining in combination with our personal issues. 


Here are some ideas to get out of mental fatigue:


Find the root cause for your internal pressure (or any other emotion). What does it feel like? Where is it in your body? Just observe it and allow it to be there and then dissolve.


Ask for help & dare to delegate. You don’t have to do and fix everything all by yourself. This could be a friend, coach, therapist, (business) partner or family member, depending on your situation.. 


Observe your self talk and snap out of the negative spiral. Use affirmations, self hypnosis or just focus on the next better feeling thought. How would you speak to your best friend if he/she was in your situation? Also, try breathwork!


Discover & eliminate the things that drain your energy. That could be people or conversations, a messy home, something at work, scrolling on Instagram, watching TV mindlessly or putting too many things on your to do list. 


Set realistic goals – people underestimate what they can do in a year but overestimate what they can do in a day. Also, release the fear of failure. I love my trainers saying: There is no failure only feedback. Even when things go wrong, it doesn’t mean that YOU ARE a failure, it means that this is feedback how something doesn’t work or isn’t right for you! Appreciate it and move on. 


Go for walks in nature with no distractions. Leave your headphones at home. Listen to the sounds around you. Nature has healing qualities, so get into receiving mode.

If you wanna discover the root cause of your mental exhaustion and learn to manage your energy wisely, make self care a priority without feeling guilty and still be highly successful in your own terms, apply for my 1:1 coaching below.