How to talk to your inner voice (intuition)

A 5 step guide for beginners 

If you’ve never consciously used your intuition (subconsciously we all have), then I would recommend starting to get quiet.

Ask yourself: Was there ever a moment when you “just knew” or had a gut feeling?

If yes, did you have it more in your heart / chest or gut area? Or somewhere else?
It’s not really important where exactly you felt it, but it’s good to have an “anchor” area to put your attention on.

The 5 Step Guide


Get silent. Take some time to be fully present. This could be after a meditation, a walk outside or a workout. Start by taking deep breaths, with a focus on the outbreath. Blow away any thoughts from your mind with your breath and continue to do so when you ask yourself a question.


Ask a specific question: This could be any question, but it has to be a clear one! We often ask vague questions, so we get vague answers. It might be easier for you to start your practice by asking a yes or no question. For others, it’s easier to ask open questions. See what works for you!


Then listen to what comes up right after asking. What’s your immediate feeling?
Often you will get an answer, but your mind / ego will immediately start interpreting, rejecting or overthinking it.

If you don’t get anything, sense what comes up when you breathe out. Is there a subtle feeling, an image or a thought, maybe just a single word that pops up? That is your intuition talking to you.

You recognize your ego mind, when the sentence starts with “I”, it’s a long and complicated sentence or it comes with a lot of urgent emotion.

If you don’t get anything, ask another question or ask: Why is my mind blocking the answer? Sometimes there is a fear that blocks you hearing your inner voice clearly. In this case it makes sense to first focus on that. What are you afraid of that might come up? Have you felt this fear before? When? Is it safe now to let it go? What does it protect you from? Breathe into the fear and just let it be there, trusting that like a storm (and any emotion), it will pass if you let it.

It’s possible that if there was trauma, you might need professional help to work through this block. Reach out to someone you trust!


If you get a word or an image you don’t understand, that’s great!! You will know it’s not your ego feeding you with this. Import here is to ASK what it means, not INTERPRET it with your mind!! This is possibly the most important step.

Ask what it means and repeat the steps before (listen for an answer and allow it to come through).


When you have your answer, ask more questions or thank your intuition for guiding you and giving you exactly the information you needed to hear today.

You could use this process for your journaling practice! For some people it’s easier to write the answers down right away, not taking time to “think” them through, but rather to imagine a stream of consciousness flowing through their fingers, writing everything down on paper.

Remember: your intuition is a muscle, which gets bigger when you train it! So like you schedule a workout for your body, set some time aside to practice chatting with your inner voice. It has all the answers you need and is always there to guide you.

Wanna learn in depth how to hear & feel the difference between your inner voice (intuition, soul…) and your ego mind?

Inner Voice Sessions give you the space to live as your inner voice for two hours and receive clarity on all aspects of your life in a single session.

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