The wheel of life | it’s all about balance baby

Life gets busy and in our fast-paced society, it’s natural that different areas of our life have different priorities at different times. ⠀

To make sure you are staying in a healthy balance though (which leads to contentment and a sense of connection), it’s important to check in with yourself and take a moment to reflect on the different categories. ⠀


How much time and energy are you currently allowing for each area? (Rate from 0-10)⠀


How much would you ideally spend on each one? (Rate from 0-10)⠀


What can you do to improve this area, to feel more accomplished or content with it?
The one’s in the graphic above are just examples and you can twist and tweak them according to which categories matter to you. ⠀

You could also do this exercise using the roles in your life, such as CEO, employee, student, mom/dad, daughter/son/diverse, partner, friend etc.