Who the heck is your most authentic self?

What does being authentic even mean?⠀

It’s one of the terms that’s being thrown around A LOT in the word of personal development, so here we go: ⠀

Quelle: psychologytoday.com

Alright, now we’re left with the even bigger question: 
Who or what is my true self (like)? I believe your True Self is the part of you that’s untouched from societal, generational or cultural conditioning. It’s the part of you that is always peaceful, trustful and loving. The part of you that knows exactly what’s right and best for you in every moment. It’s your inner voice, your intuition, your soul. Your inner guide. “Ok but HOW is my true self like?“ you may ask now and that’s a great question that only you can answer and I love exploring with my clients. But for here, let’s begin with some questions to get to know yourself better…


Who and how was I before the world told me who and how to be? What are my core values & desires?


What is my true self’s energy like? How does it feel to be the real me?


How can I embody the real me today? What is typically blocking me from this?


How does my true self interact with others?


Directed at your Inner Voice: What would you have me do? Where would you have me go? What would you have me say?

As soon as you start to connect with your true self (e.g. in meditation), you become more and more aware of who and how your true self really is. Start to practice acting in alignment with your true self and observe when fear or resistances comes up. Being authentic also means becoming aware of moments that you CAN’T seem to act like your true self, because you detect past trauma, conditioning or inner blocks and working on releasing whatever is limiting you.

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